„We point out your quality.“

Our technology


Best Expo has invested in a high standard modern production facility.

We can produce very precisely, curved items, 3D logos etc.

Carpentry machines:

  • Homag Weeke Optimat BHC Venture 4M:
    CNC machining center for the machining of solid wood and agglomerated materials.
    We are able to dril, cut and mill in 5-axis.We use this device primarily for profiling and precision milling circles, ellipses, letters, curves and other irregular shapes.
  • Homag Holzma Optimat HPL 380:
    CNC center for cutting flat materials.The center is equipped with an automatic feeding device for a faster flow of material to be cut, air table for easier handling and optimization program that generates the smallest possible pruning (can cut up to 5 sheets at a time).
  • Homag Brandt KDF 650:
    Maschine for banding on edges of the plate material.We are able to machined ABS edges and edges of solid wood.
    Edge banding machine is equipped with a full automatic adjustment for all aggregates.
    Speed ​​pasting is up to 18 m / m while maintaining high quality pasting.
  • Houfek Buldog 1100RC:
    Wide belt sander for calibrating and sanding plate parts up to 1100 mm width.
  • Press ORMA NPC DIGIT 6/95 SA-BA:
    If our customers are not enough standard materials available we can offer production of veneered surfaces or laminates and HPL materials with metalic effect application in its own heated press.




For making the final finishing of our products, we are equipped spray cabin.

We make furniture surfaces at all stages of matt and gloss according to client requirements.



Graphic studio

Besides cut-out graphics our graphic studio produces full colour prints on:

  • Self-adhesive foil
  • Luxury textile and banner
  • Plexiglass
  • PVC panels

Further on all size light-boxes, 3D signs and billboards are possible.

Machines of our graphic studio: 

  • Full colour print machine Mutoh Spitfire and OCÉ Arizona 250 GT
  • Cut out graphics / signmaking equipment Summa S 120
  • Flexilam R 160 equipment for lamination of graphics
  • Heat press Chemica